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Try retelling an existing story but put your own spin on it.

You still get the benefit of getting to copy the story structure of the original tale, but your kid gets to enjoy your weird little additions and alterations as you go along. If you want to make it really interesting, mash together a bunch of stories as you go.

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So, a Cinderella could go to the ball, where she gets some magic beans, which create a giant beanstalk that takes her to Oz, where she has to fight a Wicked Witch. Rather than coming up with a whole narrative on your own, you just present your child with a series of questions and allow them to determine the path of the story. This format can allow your child to take ownership of the story and create a really entertaining back-and-forth between the two of you.

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Otherwise, if your kid is getting into it, he or she will keep asking questions until bedtime is just a distant memory. Report Inappropriate Content. Title: The Lost Boy - Bedtime. By: A. Once upon a time, there was a boy named James. He always got pushed around.

15 Interesting Bedtime Stories for Kids

One day, a wizard appeared in front of the boy. The wizard gave James three wishes.

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One of James wishes was that tge wizard could make James go away. He wasnt able to make anymore wishes. Everyone in town was looking for James.

James was now lost, And the lost boy never returned. James went to see his mother.

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His mom was so excited that James was back. Everyone in town was happy.

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Since James was all grown up looking, he wasnt picked on anymore. Everyone then lived, happily ever after.

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